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That look of terror when someone tells the waiter that it’s your birthday

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*texts back 3 weeks later* sorry I fell asleep

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babies dont deserve clear skin they dont even go to school

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"what do you wanna be when you grow up?"


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"Why do we hate change,
but love autumn?
We never ask ourselves that.
We jump on the dead leaves
and we laugh at the crunch beneath our feet,
but we cry when we get home
and find that our mother cut off
ten inches of her hair.
How are these things different?
Dead things falling to the
Perhaps it’s because we feel as
though we have control
over our mother’s hair.
We can ask her to please not do that.
Maybe she will listen.
We cannot ask the Oak tree
to please skip shedding it’s leaves
this year.
It will never listen.
Why do we hate change
when everything in nature screams at us to love it?
The seasons shift seamlessly into
one another.
Our bodies stretch out and up.
Our hearts learn to beat at different
rhythms for different people.
Shouldn’t we love this change?
And yet,
we are the species that keeps its
young for far too many years.
We do not send them into the world alone
until they are 18.
Even then there is always a home
to come back to on college breaks,
parents’ healthcare until we are in our 20s.
I have never seen a frog hop back to
her parents after maturing from a tadpole.
I have never seen a bear cry for his mother
after learning to walk on his own.
Maybe I’m not looking closely enough.
Maybe we need to view our mother’s
new haircut as an animal would
use its basic survival skills.
Does it harm us in any way?
Do we need to fear for our lives around it?
Why on earth do we have a problem with it, then?
We shouldn’t.
We won’t.
We will view it like the leaves
fading from green to crimson to sepia.

- "Embrace the Change" by Claire Luisa (via claire-luisa)

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Anastasia Krivosheeva - For Love & Lemons Spring 2014 Lookbook 
Photographed by: Henrik Purienne